I'm Miska Kytö, a  computer nerd from Finland🇫🇮

I'm enthusiastic about future work and how we can make people's work-life a bit better in the future. I think utilizing tools like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Places, the Metaverse, MR/VR/XR and harnessing the power of the cloud are in the forefront of tomorrow's work.

When asked about my specific interest in the tech space, I would answer: Microsoft. I'm interested in almost anything related to the Microsoft cloud world, be that cybersecurity, modern work and collaboration or even business applications and Power Platform.

You can find out a bit more of my past from this blog post I wrote on the subject.

I'm currently employed at Sulava, a Finnish born-in-the-cloud Microsoft consulting company, where I work as a consultant and trainer. I also speak sometimes at events!

You can reach me at: miska.kyto[@]sulava.com and on LinkedIn